Pinehurst Newspaper Article
September 3, 1948


 J. Ellis Fields And
Family To Start
 On Their Own


 J. Ellis Fields, his sons J. Ellis Jr. and Thomas F. and his daughter Helen, have organized a family business group and on September first will operate as Fields Plumbing and Heating. Their headquarters, for the time being, will be at the Fields residence on Fields road.

Mr. Fields has been head of the Corporation's Plumbing and Heating Shop for many years, having started in the employ of Pinehurst, Inc. in 1907, when he was a boy. His only reasoning for ending his long association with Pinehurst Inc. is for the purpose of starting his sons and daughter in a business of their own. Miss Fields will serve as bookkeeper and secretary for this family business.

Mr. Fields submitted his resignation to the Corporation August second, to become effective September first. Fields Plumbing and Heating will be ready to start operations on September first, having purchased a truck and other necessary equipment needed for the business. The sons have been associated with their father since their return from service in World War II. Miss Fields has been active in the Pinehurst Plumbing and Heating Shop business.

In 1907 when Mr. Fields began his services in this village, the town was inclosed by a fence with approximately seven gates. Streets were sand and there were a few clay roads. No peddlers were permitted to bring their wagons inside the fenced curtain.

The Plumbing Shop has been in the same location since Mr. Fields entered the Pinehurst Inc. service. W.P. Murphey was in charge when Mr. Fields started in the business. Mr. Fields states it has been a pleasure to work for Pinehurst Inc., and that he feels "saddened" by the parting.

While the big job of keeping the plumbing and heating apparatus in the hotels and houses of the village has kept Mr. Fields well occupied for many, many years, he has taken time to render excellent service as Chief of the Pinehurst Volunteer Fire Department. He joined this organization in 1909.

During the years Mr. Fields has seen little change in the atmosphere of the village, founded in 1895 as a quiet, peaceful recreational resort and winter home for many wishing to avoid the rigors of a northern winter. During the half century it has developed into America's leading golf resort, and the season has been greatly extended, now opening in October and continuing until mid-May.